1) Even after a few glasses of Prosecco, you can still recite your credit card numbers backwards. Really, your credit card numbers are just as important as your social security number.

2) The bottom of your purse has enough receipts to wallpaper your entire apartment. Saks, Saint Laurent, Starbucks—because you manage to buy something everywhere you go.

3) Browsing the internet and scrolling your phone always turns into a shopping opportunity. Your favorite online shopping baskets deserve your attention on a daily basis.

4) Your idea of a fun Friday night is sitting at home and tracking the shipment of your latest online purchases.

5) Dinner plans aren’t a priority when there’s a box from Net-a-Porter waiting for you at your door when you get home. You’d rather spend the night with your new shoes anyway.

6) You have a separate email address devoted soley to the latest email blasts from your favorite brands and shopping sites.

7) You have the ability to spend money anywhere. Even a quick trip to Boots turns into a full blown shopping excursion.

8) You immediately start to stretch and your brain goes into attack mode when you hear the words “sample sale.”

9) When anyone mentions an upcoming holiday, the first thing you think about is gift shopping—for yourself. “Wouldn’t a new cashmere scarf be perfect for Election Day?”

10) Your credit card gets more exercise than you do.

11) You have two separate wardrobes—your everyday pieces and the “just in case” items. So those $2,000 Chanel snowboots totally make sense!

12)Some of your closest friends are the salespeople at Brown Thomas, Harvey Nicholas, Harrods, Bergdorf Goodman. You just get each other.

13) There is physically no room left in your apartment for clothing storage. But you still start every morning with, “I have nothing to wear!”

12) You will go to extreme lengths to justify any splurge purchase. “Okay, I’ll give up Uber for the next month and all I’ll only eat ramen noodles! Then it’s totally in my budget!”

15) No matter how many times you try to put yourself on a budget, you always end up back where your heart truly belongs—swiping your credit card with a feeling of total satisfaction.

From Harpers Baazar!

Siobhan xx

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This website is about my true love: FASHION. This is a story on style. Don't take it too seriously! Style is personal, be confident and try things out. I would love to inspire you and and make dressing fun. I hope that you will enjoy my little secrets and get that interesting twist on fashion that makes it so fun!

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