Fabulous Friday Tip- Eat Breakfast.

Our ‘Fabulous Friday Tips‘ are a series of tips which are very plain and simple; if you follow them you will feel better and loose weight. Its about consistency not severity. This is not a diet just healthy eating! As we have a lot of new likes on the page we will start back at the beginning . Everybody can just start over again. If you really follow these tips I promise you will drop at least 1 dress size if not 2! Nobody is going to wave a wand; you will actually have to get out exercise and eat sensibly but it is possible! Make it happen. ( I need to follow my own words of wisdom also)

This weeks tip is simple, just to eat breakfast; I bet that sounds daft but how many people just run out the door with a coffee. I know I can cook breakfast for the family and never have the time to eat myself. So I want you to make time for yourself. When I say breakfast I don’t mean a bowl of cornflakes!


1 portion of PROTEIN


1 portion LOW GI CARB



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This website is about my true love: FASHION. This is a story on style. Don't take it too seriously! Style is personal, be confident and try things out. I would love to inspire you and and make dressing fun. I hope that you will enjoy my little secrets and get that interesting twist on fashion that makes it so fun!

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