Millinery Monday 

I think as it is fast approaching Summer  and the wedding season we need  to introduce a new topic;  another one of my loves ‘Millinery’.  I so love a beautiful hat; what more can I say, nothing sets off an outfit more than a stunning hat. I have loved hats since I was a little girl and watched ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘My Fair Lady’.

Who doesn’t love Eliza Dolittle in her Ascot outfit!

So it’s  only fitting with St Patrick’s day tomorrow I start off with Philip Treacy.

Philip Treacy has become the world’s most in demand hat designer. His hats are as popular with European aristocrats as with Hollywood royalty. Widely credited for changing the perception of the hat, he designs hats to flatter and enhance the wearer.

“I have had the greatest pleasure of having the opportunity to challenge people’s perception of what a hat should look like in the 21st century. I make hats because I love hats. It’s an enigmatic object that serves the human purpose only of beautification and embellishment, and making one feel good, whether you’re the observer of the spectacle or the wearer”
— Philip Treacy

Philip Treacy for Mac
S/S 15
S/S 15

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