Beauty at Bedtime – get rid of puffy eyes with quick fixes!

The Vegetable
The one and only remedy that works when times are desperate. If you feel like they’re really puffy and dark, sliced cucumbers from the freezer—they take the puffiness away. Keep them on until the slices start to melt.

The Tea Bag
But perhaps the most practical remedy serves both body and mind. Make yourself some tea, drink it, then save those tea bags. If your eyes are still puffy after you clean your face with cold water, get caffeinated tea bags, soak them in water, freeze them, and take them out 15 minutes before you do your makeup or get it done for an event. You put the bags on your eyes, and the caffeine gets rid of the puffiness.

LoL, Siobhan

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This website is about my true love: FASHION. This is a story on style. Don't take it too seriously! Style is personal, be confident and try things out. I would love to inspire you and and make dressing fun. I hope that you will enjoy my little secrets and get that interesting twist on fashion that makes it so fun!

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